‘Tis the day after Christmas

‘Tis the day after Christmas

‘Tis the day after Christmas‘Tis the day after Christmas.  Yes, this is the day when everyone can look back and reflect on the events that occurred on Christmas of 2011.  Some discarded gift wrapping may still be lingering about somewhere.  Holiday party fare sits on a table, waiting to be cleaned up.  Hopefully there was a sale on garbage bags at your local grocery store.  Ah, another fine holiday with or without the awkward obligatory family run in.  Congratulations on all the wonderful gifts you received this year.


Turn on the television, or read a good book.  This is the day when it is most important to keep your mind occupied on anything other than the pain in your stomach as it was stretched to its limits yesterday with the impossible amount of food you decided to test it with.  Ant-acids may be too late at this point.


One more glass of eggnog!

You insist while watching the Yule log.

I’ll drink it down.

Turn a frown upside down.

And burn off the calories with a light jog!



Now is the time for emotional reflection of a bygone holiday.  The end of the year is soon approaching.   Why did you eat so much yesterday?  Oh well, now is the time for that other holiday tradition, creative leftover meals.  So go scour the internet for recipes, or just put a slice of turkey in between two pieces of bread.  You will need your energy for holiday cleanup.



[ images via: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, inhabitat ]

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