Kutcher Portraying Jobs

Kutcher Portraying Jobs

Kutcher Portraying JobsCasting Hollywood films based on real life persons can be a fun and creative task.  When the fun begins, people often wonder who is the best actor or actress to play the part.  The way a person looks has a big enough impact on the outcome of the given choice.  In the end, the uncanny ability to portray a known figure is necessary to act as that person.




The memorable Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be characterized in film once again.  This time, Jobs will be played by Ashton Kutcher, who has reportedly agreed to play the venerable techno tycoon.  You might remember that Steve Jobs had been alive the last time he was featured back in 1999’s “Pirates of Silicon Valley” by the twenty-something Noah Wyle.  This film will probably embark on a bulk of Jobs’ life, young to old.




Apparently this movie shows the hippie-era in Jobs’ life.  Maybe television producers eyed the long-haired Kutcher when it came time to consider casting That 70s Show character.  Mr. Kutcher will probably be up to the task of acting like the computing innovator.  Steve Jobs kept a private life, but did make those presentations that may be the right bit of film of which to learn his mannerisms.




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