OREO 100 Years Old

OREO 100 Years Old

OREO 100 Years OldIf you start with a couple of common crunchy cookies, you get the base for something big.  By big, you need to picture grand in a truly iconic sense of the word.  Take those crunchy, flat and round sweet treats and hold them together with a creamy sweet filling.  You know this classic cookie sandwich.  This is undoubtedly the epitome of epic tastes.

This is the OREO cookie.




OREO 100 Years OldOreo has been around for so long, that just seeing the word can conjure up images of the old and new commercials along with its oh-too-familiar jingle.  The O-R-E-O Cookie was introduced to the world a whopping 100 years ago as of this week.  The creamy cookie confection is produced today by the ever-present Nabisco Company of Kraft Foods which is celebrating the birthday milestone across the globe.  It has been a long time since the Oreo was first sold in Hoboken, New Jersey.  The start of something huge sold one century ago.

It is now Oreo time.




OREO 100 Years OldYou can enjoy the classic cookie by itself or perhaps with a dunkable glass of milk.  You can choose to separate the cookie first by peeling it apart, as Kraft claims that half of all consumers choose to do.  The next time you eat an Oreo cookie, try to appreciate the legacy of such a tasty snack.  Or, you can just simply enjoy yourself.  It is just a cookie.


Happy Birthday OREO!




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