Sarah Palin Today

Sarah Palin Today

Sarah Palin TodayBy golly, you betcha!  The lame-stream media gets another celebrity to go about its business.  It’s not every day someone can label something as “lame” and yet still be welcomed with such happiness.  It is possible, and apparently it has happened.  It merely depends on having the right person at the most opportune moment.



Former Alaska governor and rogue maverick, Sarah Palin exercises her morning talk show abilities when she took on the role of guest host Tuesday, this week on the Today Show.  The hockey mom from Wasilla made her daytime debut at 30 Rock with excitement amongst mounting advertising fanfare.  Generally, the reviews are positive in their description of what could very well have been a very nervous moment for Mrs. Palin on live TV.  It did look like she tried to have fun and appear as an upbeat addition for the morning program.  At one time, she combed through newspapers scattered over the couch in a tongue in cheek symbol of being overwhelmed by media.



Appearing on the Today Show was not something Sarah Palin needed to do.  She did it anyway, despite potential scrutiny or calls of hypocrisy.  In the past, she has been known to refer it as to lame-stream media, in the next moment, she becomes part of it.  She has managed to show a much sunnier side to her character.




[ images via: TIME, The Guardian ]

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