Quaker Oats Man Modernizes

Quaker Oats Man Modernizes

Quaker Oats Man ModernizesThe old familiar standbys of what we rely on to remain through the sands of time serve to provide us with a sense of place in this crazy commercial world.  Those symbols of brand recognition aid our identification of the product, what to expect, and how we remember our latest experience in consuming said product.  It is our expectations that lead to the necessity of the corporate brand.  The logo or mascot remains and we know exactly what we are getting.  Don’t change the past… too much.



When a logo or mascot is that of a man or woman, it might be paramount to adjust or reinvent that person to accommodate the changing times and changing consumer.  This unofficial rule holds true for that for the memorable mascot that is the Quaker Oats man.  You recognize that hat atop the round face and shoulder-length, snowy-white hair.  They call this character Larry, apparently.  That is, Larry the Quaker Oats guy.  Larry has been given a bit of a makeover so as not to change him too much, but to bring him a little more up to date.



We consumers tend to be creatures of habit.  We simply cannot accept overly drastic changes.  It appears that the artists over at Quaker Oats have done a fine job at presenting a perceived slimmer mascot without completely overhauling his look.  Good display of talent there.  We understand this is a brand that is over a century old.  Thanks for not shocking us with Larry, the man of the future.




[ images via: The Wall Street Journal ]

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