Hot in Here

Hot in Here

Hot in HereGiven the fact that it is wintertime, I think we could use a good warm up story.  By warm up, I am not referring to some gushy emotional feeling you get by watching some romantic comedy.  This heat is quite literal.  We’re talking some serious heat.  This is real heat.  Scientists have been hard at work taming laser power to create the hottest thing on the planet.  They burned a piece of aluminum on a scale unlike any other, burning it up to a temperature of 3.6 million degrees Fahrenheit or 2 million degrees Celsius for you Celsius people out there.  That is one hot piece of foil.



This may be the result of some intended lab experiment or a complete shock to the crew out of San Mateo, California.  Physicist and all around warm person Dr. Richard Lee worked on the precise laser in the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.  The sharp laser can pinpoint to within the width of a blood cell.  Then, as it hits its aluminum target, the foil is no longer foil.  It disappears.  It vaporizes.  Of course, we are talking about an object that is hair-width thin.



The heat laser cooks the material from the inside out.  Sounds like the latest and greatest in microwave technology.  With all this talk about global warming, perhaps the last thing we need right now is a method for reheating yesterday’s burrito quicker.  No word on such a product hitting store shelves.  Until then, you have to wait the thirty seconds to eat.  Now stop thinking about food already, this story is about laser beams!



[ images via: Geekologie, ProProfs ]

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