Lean Green Bean

Lean Green Bean

Lean Green BeanLosing weight is not always an easy thing to do.  There are many people out there who really try their best to shed a few pounds.  From diet shakes to weight-loss plans, people are looking for the next best thing to help trim the fat.  Sometimes it is simpler than one might think.  Perhaps one could consult a nutritionist or maybe a barista.



Those under-roasted coffee beans may have a little trick hidden inside their pale, emerald exterior.  A small study on overweight people was conducted giving them green coffee bean extract.  You can probably guess what happened.  I am not sure if this kept them awake at night, but on average they lost about a dozen and a half pounds in just under half a year.  Not too bad if that is the magic that aided the weight loss.  The study was on display at the American Chemical Society in San Diego.  If this does not sound robust, I don’t know what does… other than maybe something else that is also robust like robust coffee.



Coffee beans sure are a helpful little thing.  The roasted ones wake you up and the unroasted ones slim you down.  There is still no word on magic beans leading to a goose who lays golden eggs.  That just sounds weird.




[ images via: Coffee Beans, Tazas Cafe ]

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