Many Moons

Many Moons

Many MoonsAs humanity has gazed up to the heavens on clear nights, the sky is full of activity and life.  The familiarity and consistency has almost become mundane in it expected awesomeness night after bright, flickering night.  The world has come to know the expected sky with its stars, planets, and the old rock cycling its way around our planet in its phases controlling the tides.  The moon is not alone.



As it turns out, the earth has more than one moon.  The bumpy sphere in the sky is pulled by the gravity of our little planet.  This is the case for many other universal orbiters.  There are many upon many objects floating, soaring, and swaying along in our solar system.  To think that the moon is the only object is a sham created by the moon people oh so many, well moons ago.  This is not really a lie started by moon people.  It is simply that the moon is the easiest object to see up in the sky.  There are other tiny moons enjoying their own journey around Earth.



This is a fun and not too startling notion about our universe.  Sure, there are many moons out there, but shouldn’t we have expected there to be such activity.  I suppose it is comforting to know that such a suggestion of these rocks exists.




[ images via: How Stuff WorksUPI ]

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