Pesticide Alters Bees

Pesticide Alters Bees

Pesticide Alters BeesThe humble honey bee is naturally gifted at creating that sweet nectar.  That is humble not bumble.  The airborne pollinator flies from flower to hive and gets to work on such a tasty product.  The honey can be seen as a sweet alternative and natural flavoring for many foods and dishes worldwide.  That is why the curious case of the disappearing honey bee is of utmost importance. The future of honey is in peril.



It is no secret that bugs love plants.  It is because of this fact that scientists develop methods for repelling those insects away from plants we like.  Just over a decade ago, scientists developed a pesticide made of something called neonicotinoids in order to continue winning the battle of man versus nature.  After studying the effects of this pesticide on bees, it was discovered that it might be rather harmful to their sense of place.  The neonicotinoids were applied to bees and they increased their chances of getting lost.  This may be one of the factors leading to the problem known as colony collapse disorder.  The bees cannot find their way home back to their hive.  Hence, the colony loses its members.  This loss could result in no colony, no pollinators, and no honey.



The loss of honey bees is becoming a serious issue.  Scientists truly are working diligently to find the reason for such a buzz kill.  One reason may be the bee in its emotional way of behaving.  We can sure hope that the reason is discovered and the correct steps are taken to alter the direction.  This would be good for the bees and for the taste buds of honey-lovers everywhere around the world.




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