Shaky Ground

Shaky Ground

Shaky GroundThere is a rumbling in your tummy.  You must be hungry.  Go get something to eat.  There!  Satisfied?  You ate, and there is still a shake in the area.  It isn’t your stomach.  It seems to be coming from the ground.  If you live in the Midwest, it could be a tiny earthquake.  The Midwest is not known to feel the geological impact of earthquakes, normally.  There must be something abnormal a brewing.



Those recent reports of multiple earthquakes in the Midwest may be the result of industry.  According to the United States Geological Survey, the increase in the production of oil and gas may be the cause of all those newly felt tremors in the area.  So far, all quakes are below magnitude 6.0, though the sheer number of quakes is on the rise over the past few years.  The quakes do range from barely noticeable to well, barely noticeable.  It might be possible that freshly lubricated ground may be easier to shake.



People are sensing this ground disturbance in a manner ranging from entertaining to borderline annoying.  The existence of the quakes is not really in question.  The cause is still under investigation.  Time will offer a more detailed answer of what is the origin of the excessive vibration.




[ images via: Washington PostKCRG ]

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