Sweet Heart Health

Sweet Heart Health

Sweet Heart HealthThe almighty sweet tooth has quite a bit of power in its tiny bite.  Those candy cravings capture the taste buds of its unfortunate host.  Candy may be one thing, but what you drink should be something else that is entirely different in your diet.  The sugary flavor of some of the most popular beverages might be a warning flavor for the health of the consumer.  Beware what you sip.



The liquid we choose to drink is under close scrutiny by those with the scientific means to investigate.  Your typical can of soda, specifically 12 ounces, once a day can have some serious health effects.  This fluid outlook has guided participants in a study into a future of heart problems.  This examination hails from researchers of the familiar Harvard School of Public Health.  Opting for a drink that has at least 10 teaspoons of sugar can lead to a 20% increase in incidence of heart disease.  Please be aware of what you are consuming.  One of the professors from Harvard, Dr. Frank Hu wants to stress the importance of drink-consciousness on all people.  This potential health risk can be applied to “both men and women” who choose sugary drinks.  The heart is a heart and it has made a firm position on sugar.



This study adds to others that tell us what we should already know.  Just because something might taste good, it might not necessarily be good for us.  Another recent study recommends choosing water or diet soda to avoid sugar and additional health risks.  Exercise caution and drink to your health.  Water is more natural anyways.



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